We work with your schedule. We come to you!

We offer private, paired and small group courses as well as editing services for professional and personal writing. Our courses can focus on pronunciation, writing, conversation, grammar, listening skills or any combination of English language skills that are needed.

Private Tutorials

We specialize in private tutorials for adults and school-aged children. Private tutorials are the best option for students who need direct instruction. Meet one-on-one with your teacher to work on any of the following areas. After an interview and assessment, we will customize a course to fit your needs.

  • Pronunciation
  • Conversational fluency and vocabulary development
  • Listening skills (including interpreting U.S. English dialects)
  • TOEFL, IELTS or UNLPE preparation
  • Grammar review
  • Business English
  • Writing and editing (general)
  • Writing and editing for the workplace
  • Presentation skills in English
  • Coaching in the application process for U.S. universities
  • Support for special projects

Prices range from $65 to $80 per hour based on the type of course and duration of study.

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way for friends or coworkers to study together on their own schedule. We can design a course for the special needs of your group, or you can choose to study in any of the areas listed under private tutorials.

Groups of 2: $35 to $40 per person based on the type of course and duration of study.

Groups of 3 or 4: $25 to $35 per person based on the type of course and duration of study.

Please note that we do not have open enrollment for groups at this time; our group classes are intended for people who already know each other and are seeking a customized course to meet the group’s needs, or organizations that need us to develop an English language course for employees or visiting fellows.

Vacation lessons

Washington, D.C. is a fascinating place to learn English with endless possibilities for experiential learning. Many people come to Washington both for their vacation and to improve their English. Following a video interview with you and your partner and/or family, we can set up a wonderful schedule of interactive lessons, meeting at museums and tourism sites, and engaging in activities based on your interests. We can also help you with advice on how to best plan your vacation in the Washington area – we have been here a long time and have deep knowledge of this region of the U.S. In fact, one of our tutors is a ‘born and bred’ Washingtonian!

This is the most customized of our options; please contact us for price quotes.

Editing services

We have been working with second language writers for 20 years now, and we understand that if you are writing in English and it is not your first language, you need an editor who understands exactly what you are trying to express and can guide you towards the most appropriate and concise phrases. We will of course correct your grammar and punctuation and help make your document sound as professional as possible in English, but we go one step beyond other services and also give you feedback about your patterns of errors, so you can learn and improve along the way.

Editing services: $50 per hour; pleaseĀ contact us for an estimate for your project.

For your convenience, we accept credit card payments for all services in addition to cash and checks.