The English Teacher Collective offers customized English language courses for international professionals and families living, working, studying or vacationing in Washington, D.C.

We specialize in private tutorials for adults and children in need of extra support and an individualized approach to language learning. We offer both in-person and video tutorials, and we travel to the location most convenient to you - your residence, office, university, or favorite coffee shop.

The ETC is a group of professional teachers dedicated to providing high quality language instruction at transparent and reasonable rates. To ensure top quality instruction, we only work with the best teachers; every ETC instructor comes highly qualified and experienced in teaching language.

We offer English instruction in:
  • Pronunciation
  • Conversational fluency and vocabulary development
  • Writing (academic, professional and personal)
  • Grammar review
  • Business communication
  • English for Specific Purposes (diplomatic, legal, medical, etc.)
  • English for journalists
  • Presentation coaching
  • Intercultural communication
  • TOEFL, UNLPE and IELTS test preparation
  • Preparation for U.S. university applications and admittance essay coaching

Our clients include:

  • Embassy/diplomatic professionals and families
  • Ambassadors
  • NGO employees
  • Journalists
  • International professionals
  • Graduate and doctoral students
  • Families, couples and individuals vacationing in Washington, DC
  • Spouses of people working or studying in Washington, D.C.
  • Students applying to universities and graduate schools in the U.S.

We are teacher owned and operated, which means the students’ needs always come first. At ETC you get the quality instruction you pay for.

Contact us today to arrange a free one-hour consultation. We can design a course to fit your needs!

For a deeper understanding of the personalized services we offer, please consult the testimonials and client list below:

Feli from Argentina:

"I am Felicitas from Maipu, a small town in Argentina. My uncle introduced me to Julie and The English Teacher Collective; I am studying to be an English teacher, and according to him she would set a good example and help me improve my level of English as she had helped him. I found her to be responsible, hard working, conscientious and courteous, showing a great passion for her subject and genuine care for the students with whom she works. She inspired me to play with ideas and think deeply about how to teach English. She always had very enjoyable and interesting classes prepared, using technology and different sources. She helped me a lot and I was able to be promoted in phonetics in the second year of my teaching preparation course of studies."

Louise from Italy:

I'll take the opportunity to thank you again for the outstanding job you did with my daughter. Besides your loveliness with both of us, you were very knowledgeable and committed until the last drop. There are some people who are going to stay always in our memory and in our heart as an important part of her success, and you for sure are one of them!"

Beatrice from Italy:

"My teacher is extremely well-educated, patient, reliable, and full of interests. I made a lot of progress in a very short time. The lessons are always interesting and amusing. You learn and you learn fast."

Eduardo from São Paulo, Brazil:

“I am writing this for anyone who is searching for distinguished and efficient English classes. I browsed the Internet searching for vacation English courses for my two kids and my wife. I got really lucky when I found The English Teacher Collective! We live in São Paulo, Brazil, and I was first thinking of London or New York and some very traditional courses, some of which are globally known.  It was very fortunate that in the end we finally chose Washington, DC and The English Teacher Collective.  We were able to meet the teachers via live chats before we left for the U.S. The kids were especially thrilled that they could meet their new teachers before our arrival and were very excited about spending time with them in person. This made the overall learning experience even more rewarding and helped them gain self-confidence. Also, my wife and I could interact with the teachers and have a personal connection before we left for the U.S. Washington is a very special place with many opportunities for activities, all of which can be adapted by the instructors, for example, exploring the many museums, buying groceries in the local market, ordering meals at restaurants, walking around Georgetown and having a good time. The kids even did some gardening and had a lot of fun. All that while learning English. I can’t think of any better way to learn."

Recent satisfied clients include employees of:

  • The Embassy of Brazil
  • The Embassy of Chile
  • The Embassy of Colombia
  • Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • The Embassy of Israel
  • The Embassy of Japan
  • Embassy of Poland
  • Embassy of the Republic of Iraq
  • Embassy of the Russian Federation
  • Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
  • The Embassy of Spain
  • Embassy of South Korea
  • The Embassy of Uruguay
  • The Embassy of Uzbekistan
  • The French Embassy
  • The German Embassy
  • The United Nations
  • The U.S. Senate
  • The U.S House of Representatives
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • The World Bank
  • The Inter-American Development Bank
  • The International Monetary Fund
  • The International Finance Corporation
  • The Organization of American States


  • The Pan American Health Organization
  • The Pan American Development Foundation
  • CNFA (Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture)
  • World Resources Institute
  • The Halo Trust, USA
  • Freedom House
  • Ashoka
  • EIA Global (Environmental Investigation Agency)
  • The Federal Communications Commission
  • Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation
  • GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)
  • Ria Novosti
  • BBC Mundo
  • Everis
  • Omni Shoreham Hotels
  • Nordstrom
  • Washington Hosptial Center
  • Echo International (China)
  • Perfect Sense Digital
  • Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Villafañe (Spain)
  • Maret School
  • Washington Buddhist Vihara
  • Provincia Di Foggia Dei Frati Minori Cappuccini (Italy)

We have also worked with fellows, graduate and undergraduate students from:

  • Georgetown University
  • The George Washington University
  • Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
  • American University
  • George Mason University
  • Corcoran School of the Arts and Design
  • Northern Virginia Community College
  • University of the District of Columbia