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July 7, 2020
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January 4, 2022
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Improve English Skills For Meetings & Presentations

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  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 25 - February 25, 2022

    12:00 pm noon - 1:15 pm New York Time
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A live, virtual small group coaching course for international professionals who work in English all or part of the time, need to more fully participate in meetings, and want to be able to present eloquently and effectively to any audience.

  • You Work in English All or Part of the Time
  • You Need to More Fully Participate in Meetings
  • You Want to Present Eloquently & Effectively to Any Audience

What to Expect from Our 5-Week Virtual English Course

We’ll meet via Zoom and use our private course platform to share course materials. You will be able to more confidently and efficiently express your ideas and knowledge so that you can stop feeling frustrated and have more time and energy to work for a better world.

  • Learn and practice tools and strategies for confidently and effectively reaching your audience of international English speakers in meetings and presentations.
  • Build confidence for communicating in high-stakes professional contexts.
  • Receive thoughtful and constructive feedback from both instructors and peers.
  • Practice regularly in front of a supportive audience.

Imagine All You Could Accomplish

What would it feel like to have the tools to effectively and skillfully get your message across in English to any audience or stakeholder in any situation?

  • Feeling confident that you can walk into any type of meeting conducted in English (virtual or in-person) and be able to fully express yourself no matter who else is in the room.
  • Expressing your complex thoughts and opinions in English during a meeting WITHOUT frustration.
  • Giving presentations to professional audiences and not worrying about what your audience thinks of your skills.
  • Never again feeling nervous about what unexpected questions may come your way during a Q & A.
  • Knowing your personality, skills, and professional contributions shine through in English.

“I can get a better expression right away that I can use in my office; for example, you will learn tons of other better professional and nuanced ways other than "I'm sorry, I can't get it". They understand not only the language, but the culture and dynamics.” -- Shinae W.

How Do You Know This is the Course for You?

  • You are a mid to senior-level professional with advanced English communication skills, but still feel ‘unfinished’ and frustrated in certain situations.
  • You are currently working or planning to work in an environment that requires you to communicate in English all or part of the time.
  • Your time is limited, and you prefer to use it wisely.
  • Because of your position at work, you feel you “should already know how to do this well in English”, have been secretly learning as you go, and hoping others haven’t noticed.
  • The thought of handling a Q & A at the end of a presentation makes your stomach hurt.
  • You have invested significant time and effort improving your communication skills in the past and assumed that there weren’t any programs left to help you at this point.

This Course is Not for You If:

  • Your primary motivation is obtaining a student visa in the U.S. (our service doesn’t support student visas anyway).
  • You need general English improvement.
  • You are not yet fluent enough to have a spontaneous higher-level conversation in English.
  • You cannot commit to preparation in between sessions.

What You Get with This Advanced English Course

  • 10 Small Group Course Sessions (2 sessions per week @ 1.25 hours each)
  • 2 Individual 45-Minute English Coaching Sessions
  • Prep Assignments in Between Sessions for Personal & Communication Development
  • Honest & Objective Evaluation of Your Current Skill Level 
  • Constructive & Actionable Feedback 
  • Support, Accountability & Insight of a Small Group of Professional People Like You 
  • Confidence & Tools for Participating in Meetings and Delivering Effective and Engaging Presentations
  • Techniques to Keep You from Freezing While Searching for the “Right” Word or Phrase 
  • An Immediate Supportive Community That You Can Continue to Rely On After the Course

Imagine having the ability to use the English you have right now to be more effective (rather than waiting for that magical day when you will “have enough vocabulary”). You can finally have the freedom to stop worrying about what your audience thinks of your English communication skills.

Bonus: When you sign up for this course, you also get membership in our International Professionals With Purpose community. This is a private platform away from the distractions of social media where you can network with other international professionals working on similar goals. Practice higher-level casual conversation and writing skills. Communicate and collaborate during and beyond the course.

Community Membership Includes:

  • 4 -5 Optional Live Group Sessions Each Month 
  • Monthly Communication Skill Challenges
  • Bonus Workshops
  • Virtual Coworking Hours
  • A Separate Room for Just You & Your Coursemates 

“I’d heartily recommend English With Purpose for everyone from the most senior executives to students. Julie and her team will find the best fit for you, and will personalize your instruction so you get the most from every single session.”

 -- Barbara, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Improve English Communication Skills - Course Details

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 25 - February 25, 2022
  • 12:00 pm noon - 1:15 pm New York Time

How Much Does This Online English Class Cost?

Investment: US $1,100.00

“I love this class!! It’s also a great place for introverts who want to enhance their communication skills.” -- Eyu S.

Weekly Course Topics 

Week 1: Discourse markers and transition phrases: the key to sounding sophisticated and having the confidence to direct conversations.

Week 2: “But what if I say the wrong thing?” Strategies for speaking spontaneously with more ease.

Week 3: Don’t just sit there! Listening and speaking strategies for engaging in and leading meetings.

Week 4: Delivering information versus engaging with an audience - how to “wow” them with your presentation (including best practices for using visuals).

Week 5: “I wasn’t given time to prepare”: strategies for effectively presenting and sharing opinions, assessments and analyses on the spot.


  • What if I have to miss a session?

While you will get the most benefit from attending all the live group sessions, we understand that things happen. But not to worry! Our course will be stored in our International Professionals With Purpose community platform, so you can always review the resources and notes from each week. You’ll also have a private online community with just you and your coursemates where you can ask for help if you’ve missed something.

  • I’ve spent lots of money on courses in the past but didn’t get my needs met. How do I know this time will be different?

Although we could certainly make more money opening this up as a large course, maximum profits have never been our primary motivation - we are first and foremost dedicated teachers who feel responsible if our students are not making progress. We have intentionally kept this group small (8 people maximum) because we know it’s the only way to ensure needed personalized feedback. Everyone will also be evaluated prior to joining the group, so you can rest assured you will be in a course with others with the same goals, challenges, and English level. Finally, we bring coaching, customization, and mindfulness techniques to our instruction, so each group experience is unique to that group - in other words, we don’t just create a course and repeat it over and over - we get to know the members of the group individually and as a whole and make adjustments for that group’s specific needs beyond the course goals.

  • Can I get a certificate?

         We would be happy to send you a certificate of completion at the end if it helps support documentation of your professional development with us.

“You radiate this positive energy and genuine concern for the student/client. Just amazing.” --Slobodan K.

Who We Are

Your English instructors, Julie and Janna, are linguists and English communication coaches with over 45 years of combined experience helping language learners of all backgrounds improve their professional communication skills. We specialize in helping advanced English learners who want to bridge the gap between functioning well enough in English and feeling confident about their skills.

Our mission is to help international professionals who are passionate about making the world a better place eliminate their communication barriers, so they can have the greatest possible impact in the areas they care about.

We bring research-based graduate level training in linguistics and second language acquisition along with creativity, intuition, coaching skills - and a sense of humor! - to meet the needs of all course participants.

“Janna taught me how to express myself in a much more experienced, fluid, and secure way.”  -- Vanessa S.

“Julie's ability to quickly understand your limitations and teach you how to overcome them is impressive!” -- Joyce T.

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  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 25 - February 25, 2022

    12:00 pm noon - 1:15 pm New York Time
  • Price:
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    You will receive all orientation details for the course via email after your registration and payment. We are always available for any questions you may have.
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