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July 6, 2020
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Live online advanced group speaking practice sessions

We know you can talk about your work just fine. But how do you practice the spontaneous, every day topics that even advanced speakers struggle with?

We built our International Professionals With Purpose community specifically to help you solve this issue. We bring together international professionals who work in English environments to support each other as we practice and elevate our communication skills so that we can build confidence, eliminate our career barriers, and form meaningful connections along the way.

When you join our membership community, you have access to weekly live practice sessions with other advanced speakers and native English-speaking guests. 

This includes:

  • Two Virtual Campfire Chats per month
  • Two global politics and current events discussion hours per month
  • Virtual game night
  • Bimonthly in-person ‘hike and chats’ for those in the Washington, DC area (and for those of you who can come visit us!)
  • Bonus workshops (pronunciation, U.S. history, art history, etc.)

Live sessions are offered at different times and on different days of the week to accommodate global time zones, and we make adjustments

At US $65.00 per month, this is the most flexible and economical way to get to know us and experience our creative and high quality programming.

Learn more about the benefits of our membership community or join us here.