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English With Purpose helps international professionals overcome their language and cultural challenges and communicate with confidence.

We do this through private tutorials, specialized group courses, and English immersion retreats. Courses are available in Washington, DC and online.

Private English tutoring:
We start with a free one hour consultation where we talk more in person about your previous experience with English, your current situation, goals, and a potential meeting schedule. We also use that conversation to assess your spoken English, pronunciation, and listening skills. If needed, we conduct a brief grammar pretest and ask for writing samples. Then we create a customized approach and a schedule that works for you to help you meet your goals as efficiently as possible. We make adjustments and stay flexible along the way.

If you are in Washington, DC, the English tutor will travel to your home, office, university campus or favorite coffee shop to meet for your lessons. If you somewhere else we can arrange an online tutoring course at a convenient time for you.

Small group classes:

In group English classes we target the most common needs of intermediate to advanced learners. Group classes address essential skills that cannot be replicated in one-to-one tutorials, such as how to politely interrupt during a group conversation, handle spontaneous questions from multiple different speakers, speak more confidently when the topic suddenly shifts, or speed up your writing fluency. In conversation classes the teacher provides prompts and speaking activities, moderates the discussion, and gives corrective feedback and vocabulary suggestions. Some group classes are online and others take place in Washington, DC. Check back monthly for new offerings.


Our two-hour interactive workshops address the most consistent requests of intermediate and advanced learners. We go deep into the English grammar concepts that still frustrate and confuse you, such as perfect tenses (have done, have had) and articles (a, an, the). Workshops are a great opportunity for you to ask all the questions you have been too embarrassed to ask as your English has improved. The goal is to help you feel more secure in your mastery within two hours and immediately apply what you’ve learned to real life.

English language immersion retreats:

Do you have no opportunities to practice everyday English in your daily life? Then our retreats are for you. These conversation vacations are designed to boost your spoken English fluency and confidence by “getting away from it all” and relaxing into English. We host them in the countryside outside of the Washington metro area. Join us for an intensive Saturday, a weekend, or a full week in the summer. Half of the participants are supportive native English speakers who are there to interact with you and keep you talking all day. You will listen to a variety of English dialects and accents in real life situations, increase your vocabulary and natural expressions, and lose your fear of making mistakes in conversations. You will also gain deeper insight into U.S. culture. The goal is to finish the weekend with renewed energy and confidence in your journey of mastering English.

Our high quality courses and programs always put your needs first.

Teachers instructing in English With Purpose courses have graduate degrees in Linguistics or Teaching English as a Second Language and a minimum of 15 years of experience. Their skills, experience, emotional intelligence and creativity help you meet your goals efficiently and with confidence.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation.
We can recommend the best course for your needs.