March 3, 2023

Communication Vacation™: Presentation and Public Speaking Workshop Retreat

Elevate Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills in a Single Day Take a one day Communication Vacation at our little farmette in beautiful Frederick County, Maryland, less than an hour from Washington, D.C. This one day workshop retreat is for international professionals and emerging leaders working in English as their second language who want to refine and elevate their public speaking skills and deliver engaging and effective presentations. Even nervous speakers can go farther when practicing in our relaxed, friendly, and nature-based environment (lunch with wine helps!)
March 3, 2023

Interview Practice and Coaching

If you are already in the interview process for a new position and just want to practice once or twice before your interview day, we can help you build confidence by pinpointing possible gaps in your readiness and fixing them together through practice, feedback, and strategy.
January 4, 2022

Advanced English Communication Training

For Global Companies, Organizations and Teams Working Towards a Better World From early career to high level executives, we design and deliver customized group communication training and coaching so professionals who work in English as their second language can focus their energy, talents and skills on creating solutions to global challenges. We customize our English Communication Training program to your field and the unique needs and goals of your organization and empower your team members to communicate clearly and effectively in English so your organization utilizes your international talent effectively. This program is ideal for companies and organizations that employ international professionals who have recently accepted management or leadership positions or taken on more front-facing roles.
June 16, 2021

Career Coaching for International Professionals

A live, virtual small group coaching course for international professionals who:  Work in English all or part of the time  Need to more fully participate in meetings  Want to be able to present eloquently and effectively to any audience
July 7, 2020

One-to-One English Communication Coaching

Our online one-to-one career coaching program is specifically designed for mid to high level non-native English speaking professionals who feel limited, uncomfortable, or find it challenging to communicate their skills, expertise and experience in their resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Working with a coach specialized in helping immigrants transition their careers, you’ll present yourself and the value you offer in a way that gets the attention of U.S. recruiters and firms and finally feel proud of the English version of your resume, LinkedIn profile, and elevator pitch.